I can’t remember a time in my younger years when I didn’t struggle with my health.  At its worst, I had acne, stomach/digestive issues, headaches, stress and anxiety. My acne was affecting much more than just my skin—it was impacting my entire life in very real ways. Those closest to me did not fully know or understand how acne influenced my self-image and self-esteem—even mild breakouts made me feel much less confident. I tried what felt like, everything—specialist after specialist, conventional dermatologists and dieticians. There was the never-ending cycle, of diagnostic conventional testing, antibiotics, birth control, and every pill in between, over the counter products and vitamins, none which helped me at all!  I worked exhaustively, trying one thing after another, while feeling miserable, not to mention countless dollar spending in expenses for treatments that did not work; with utter frustration, in not truly finding anything that gave me the results I needed and wanted.

I finally, had enough! After years of the western medical approach band-aid solutions, exasperated and hopeless, I decided to try something different, outside of the standard medical practices.  I found an alternative Wholistic Functional Medicine Practitioner and herbalist who changed my life.  By doing specialized lab tests that I completed from home, that honed in on the root cause of my issues. He identified and confirmed all my symptoms were actually related to each other.  The acne, the digestive issues, the headaches, my stress and anxiety were related.  The culprit in my particular case was—my “digestion”.  A proper plan was prescribed, that involved healing my gut through coaching, stress management, whole food supplements, appropriate skin-care and better food choices. That’s when nutrition sparked my passion for empowering myself and others through a lifestyle grounded in whole person wellness and whole food nutrition.

I have, since then, invested in my own personal journey to grow as a certified holistic wellness coach to enhance my knowledge and support others. Additionally, I’ve partnered with the same amazing Functional Medicine Practitioner who changed my life, as the Clinical Director, and together we help and empower our clients achieve clear, glowing skin by taking a natural personalized holistic approach!  Encompassing everything I could have asked for in one profession:  treating health concerns from a perspective rooted in lifestyle and nutrition is the most sustainable and impactful treatment for any health condition(s).

Through my accredited education with the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP), I’m trained in a unique health philosophy called Wellness 360™ that helps to create health and balance.  I’ve learned from some of the most renowned health and wellness experts, including IAWP Faculty Members Dr. Bernie Siegel (Wellness Pioneer), Dr. Stephen Rechtshaffen (Co-Founder of the Omega Institute), Sally Fallon Morrel (Traditional foods expert), Marci Schimoff (World renowned transformational teacher) and many other leading experts.

Through my own health journey, I came to an important conclusion: beauty is an inside job! Topical skincare is important but true skin transformation is only possible when we work from the inside out.  Our Skin tells the story of our internal health. Clear skin is achievable with the right guidance by making simple adjustments and substitutions to your lifestyle, skincare practices, and nutrition.

I’m driven every day in my work by knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives by offering a different option than the medical status quo. As a holistic wellness coach with a functional medicine approach to skincare, I bring a unique proven coaching method with tons of support and guidance, experienced and highly effective set of real solutions that encompass your entire being, including what lies below the surface, so you can FINALLY get effective lasting results.

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– Certified Wellness Coach with the International Association of Wellness Professionals
– Wellness 360™ Coach