Our Clinical Director and Doctor

I’m Dr. Humberto “Bert” Rodriguez, a Florida licensed (DC), Fellow International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (FIAMA), Root Cause Dermatology Certified (RCD), and the Clinical Director at Skin Care Healer.  As a doctor I strive to deeply understand my patients’ concerns and goals. I work with my patients to find the underlying cause of their skin health challenge(s) and create protocols that produce real results for their specific chronic skin issues.  Clinical holism and patient centered individual care is my area of focus in practice, I have helped many patients with challenging skin conditions restore their skin. To do so, I address the whole person and use a variety of natural treatment plans which may include advanced laboratory testing, whole food nutrition, herbal and homeopathic medicines.

I graduated from St. John’s University, where I majored in psychology, minored in theology and philosophy, with an emphasis in the humanities, and course concentrations in human nutrition, developmental history of cooking, and cuisines of the world. My studies emphasize the unity of mind, body, and spirit a concept that emphasizes the importance of harmonizing the three aspects of our being to achieve optimal well-being.

In my life while balancing a thriving practice with a very busy schedule, a full family life, while living under constant acute and chronic stress, I experienced a life-transforming event; when my left lung collapsed.  Diagnosed with pneumothorax, and being near death served as a catalyst that accelerated my aspiration and capacity to bring deeper healing to myself and my patients.

Since then, I have spent the better part of my consciousness addressing the dire impacts that continual stress has throughout the entire human body. Both acute and chronic stress can also exert negative effects on overall skin wellness, as well as exacerbate a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema, acne, and hair loss which piqued my curiosity in natural skincare practices.  I’ve persisted in expanding my healing capacity as a physician for more than four decades by doing more extensive studies in human nutrition, herbal medicine, eastern medicine, including Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, energy work (especially acupuncture) and the paradigm of modern neurology.

I’m dedicated to helping my patients, by developing ways to determine if they have inadequacies in body chemistry or deficiencies in their diets and lifestyle that may contribute to many health problems–with an emphasis on the skin.  I’m absolutely passionate about achieving outstanding clinical outcomes, and changing lives for the better. It is important to me to practice evidence-based, scientifically grounded, root-cause medicine that can deliver results. All of my training has led me to a very unique approach to skin health where I use natural medicine and see skin from an Integrative Functional and Holistic perspective.

I am a student, always learning, yet, but, with a deep knowledge of herbal medicine, combined with a love of whole-food, human nutrition, and a deep passion for helping my patients reach their optimal state of health and well-being. I believe your skin is as unique as you. As a concierge doctor, I provide evidence-based consultations and coaching programs. Backed by decades of education and experience with a natural Functional Medicine Root-Cause care approach, we provide unique skin-care solutions. Together, our health-wellness coach Annie and I, consider your skin health concern(s), diet, life-style, emotional stress, environment, home care products and other factors that effect your over-all health and impact your skin.  Because everything we do is tailored to meet your unique needs. Our exclusive care combines science-backed skin-care with skin health coaching to help you reach your goals and address the skin from the inside out.

The plan, the process & my method for wellness

`` If you feel dismissed by mainstream medicine and crave a holistic approach that works...then we're a perfect match, for living in your best skin and a healthy life you'll love, is just right around the corner ``
-Dr. Bert

Our Skin-Care Coach

Through my own personal journey, I came to an important conclusion: beauty is an inside job! Topical skincare is important, but true skin transformation is only possible when we work from the inside out. Our Skin tells the story of our internal health. Clear skin is achievable with the right guidance, by making simple adjustments and substitutions to your lifestyle, skincare practices, and nutrition.  I’m Annie, a certified holistic health and wellness coach specializing in chronic skin conditions.  I’ve dedicated my life’s work to empowering women to reclaim their confidence with clear healthy skin.

My teenage years were marked by a series of health challenges, including acne, gastrointestinal disorder (IBS), stress, depression, and anxiety. For a prolonged period afterwards, I continued to struggled with my skin; while my emotional distress seemed to go from bad to worse. I tried what felt like, everything— consulted with several specialists, but they all recommended aggressive skincare regimens and strong prescription drugs. Like; the never-ending cycle of antibiotics, birth control, and every pill in between. I also tried restrictive dieting, over the counter vitamins, cleansers, creams, and serums only to get temporary relief, if any at all.  Systematically trying out different treatments without any positive results, left me feeling hopeless.

I finally, had enough! After years of band-aid solutions, exasperated and discouraged, I decided to try something different, outside of the standard medical approaches. I came across an alternative Holistic Functional Medicine Practitioner who changed my life; through advanced lab testing, to zero in on the root cause of my issues he determined, that the acne, the IBS, my stress and anxiety were all actually related to each other. Based on the tests results her prescribed a proper plan, that involved improving my gut health through natural means, stress management, lifestyle modifications, and better food choices. It was like a switch flipped, everything seemed to magically improve; my gut issues vanished, my acne cleared up–at last–I felt free, re-invigorated, happy and confident.

That’s when I saw an opportunity to create positive changes, the spur that sparked my passion to empower myself and others through a lifestyle well-grounded in wellness. Since then, I’ve devoted my time and energy to personal growth, by enhancing my knowledge as a certified holistic health and wellness coach.  Today, I support high achieving women like myself, coping with chronic skin conditions nourish their body, uplift their spirit, and regain control over their skin and overall health.

Additionally, I’ve partnered with the same amazing Functional Medicine Practitioner who changed my life; his role as the Clinical Director, and mine as the coach, together we help our clients achieve clear, glowing skin by taking a natural personalized holistic approach! Encompassing everything I could have asked for in one profession: treating problematic skin from a perspective rooted in lifestyle and proper nutrition; the most sustainable and impactful treatment for any health condition.

I’m driven every day in my work by knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives by offering a different option than the standard medical practices.  As a coach with a functional medicine approach to skincare, I bring a unique proven coaching method with support, guidance, experience and a highly effective set of real solutions that encompass your entire being, including what lies below the surface, so you can FINALLY achieve the desired outcome that is long-lasting and well-deserved—feeling confident, empowered, and comfortable, with clear-skin.

My skin-care coaching method

``We know you’re more than just the number on a scale or chart, our personalized natural care is designed with a root-cause approach along with skincare coaching; the lock & key to looking and feeling your very best!`` -Coach Annie